Crafting in The Signal

September 21, 2023 – So we’re making a crafting game? YUP! We asked Goose Byte game designer Alexandre “Breeze” Brisebois to break down some the “making of” a whole new crafting system from scratch:

Reveal Trailer

August 18, 2023 – One of the biggest challenges for any studio, solo devs or indie teams, is sharing your work with the public. It’s the most vulnerable part of any creative process. You’ve just been so tunnelled into the vision, into the design, into making it work and feel right. You’ve played it a million times, you know where the shortcuts are, and what the big investment went into.

Introducing… The Signal

Introducing… The Signal

August 17, 2023 – Hello! Welcome to the inaugural post on our new website. Goose Byte has been a studio for many months now (it was founded September 2021) and during that time we were focused primarily on building a rad studio and making an even more rad game. We weren’t concerned with what folks knew about us, and certainly didn’t want anyone to know about the top secret project we were working on at that early stage. We took an ostrich-like approach and kept our heads firmly in the developmental sand.

But then everything CHANGED…


Welcome to Goose Byte! News coming soon.