Reveal Trailer

August 18, 2023One of the biggest challenges for any studio, solo devs or indie teams, is sharing your work with the public. It’s the most vulnerable part of any creative process. You’ve just been so tunnelled into the vision, into the design, into making it work and feel right. You’ve played it a million times, you know where the shortcuts are, and what the big investment went into.

We know what we want to make, and we know how we intend to get there. It’s never a straight path. It weaves through dark forests and dangerous swampland (like our in-game progression!). It’s as triumphant as making it to the peak of a tall mountain, and as devastating as accidentally dropping your phone into a bottomless pit. The path isn’t safe or apparent or obvious. There are a lot of smaller problems to solve, detour or bypass along the way. 

Like the expression says: the journey is its own reward. While we are far from the end of that journey, it feels great to be here, starting our ascent. We have all our gear and supplies and our sherpas and we have made it to the first base camp. What do you get for making it to the first base camp? A trailer! Have you seen it? We really  crammed a lot into this reveal – how do you put all those ideas into 100 seconds?

Anyway, we’re making a game that we want to play. So far, it’s satisfying, intriguing and fun and we’ve only just gotten started. We’ll make it to the top of this figurative mountain and we’re hoping you’ll join us along the way.

Wishlist The Signal now, and if you have any questions or want to get involved, then we invite you to join our Discord straight away. Thanks for reading!