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We believe that we will be a stronger, more competitive team by bringing people together from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. We absolutely commit to being an equal opportunity, equal pay employer and have a zero tolerance policy on harassment, bullying, and discrimination.


  • Work from home at the start. We're planning to have an office for hybrid options and easier socializing next summer
  • Flexible schedule 
  • $1,000 yearly employee lifestyle fund - use this to stay healthy, social, comfortable or productive 
  • Equal opportunity and equal pay employer
  • Team building and social events in Montreal,
  • Zero tolerance policy on harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • No talented jerks
  • Competitive base salaries for all jobs
  • Low admin and manager overhead - No boring reoccurring meetings
  • An uncapped profitability bonus scheme that shares studio profits with everyone
  • We offer everyone dedicated high end hardware to maximize productivity
  • Commitment to a Crunch-free environment
  • Competitive Group Insurance Plan (Healthcare, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance)
  • Retirement fund - We match 40% of all employee RRSP contributions!
  • Studio shuts down one week for Winter Holidays
  • Unlimited paid vacation for all employees - this means 5 weeks minimum
  • Unlimited sick days / Family days / Flexi days
  • All benefits start day 1, for all employees


What to expect

If you're into game jams or tinkering, you'll probably fit right in. If you want to do something other than powerpoints and documentation, this might be for you!
You’ll be involved in the rapid iteration of new features and play a critical role in ensuring that we get the maximum amount of reuse out of every asset and piece of tech.


What to expect

The art team is entrusted with creating an in-game universe; grass, skys, humanoids, bugs, vehicles, high tech operating system UIs, absolutely everything.
We’re looking for slick styles that can fill huge worlds yet be realised in a smart and efficient production pipeline. For that character silhouette that our player instantly recognizes, but the flexibility and variation to make it your own. For cutting edge effects and camera work that screams quality but doesn’t break our performance budgets.
It’s a big challenge, but you’ll have the whole team on your side.


What to expect

Joining the programming team means honing your gamdev skills to the max. Our programmers are empowered to drive as many features as they want. You could be leading features as an artist and designer to create MVPs fo the wider team to expand upon. You could be coding fully data-driven systems, making them tweakable and expandable.
You could also be working on locked-down highly optimized APIs. Our programmers are free to explore a wide variety of options. If you need to refactor something, you will get the time. If there’s a tech we should be using, you can put it in place. We trust you to champion an efficient production pipeline.

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