The last remaining humans have abandoned Earth in search of a new home. Your expedition of climate refugees has you venturing into the unknown on an uncharted alien planet filled with wonder and peril. Survival requires a deep understanding of the ecosystem as your discoveries fuel your ability to invent the infrastructure, equipment, and vehicles needed to progress. They also reveal cryptic patterns all around you, tied into the ecosystem and linked to ancient alien relics. Delve deeper into the planet to unravel its secrets and determine your fate on this captivating new world.  


You’ve come here to make a new start for humanity, but instead discover a world teeming with intriguing life, mysterious artifacts, and strange phenomena. You must traverse and adapt to multiple environments ranging from tranquil glades, peaceful meadows, and rolling hills, to damp muskegs, wind-sheared canyons, molten lava fields, and frigid tundras. Scan the flora, fauna, geological and alien landmarks to understand the environment’s function and value. Studying the patterns that emerge in your surroundings – and how they react to your presence – are key to the advancement of your expedition on this planet.


Necessity is the mother of invention - words that have driven humanity forward throughout time. Equipped with the Cortex OS, create bespoke designs for vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure while leveraging your creativity in a safe, virtual workshop. From small handheld scanners to massive canyon-spanning bridges, save your inventions as blueprints to be shared and iterated on by members of your expedition. Success on this planet is determined by your ability to engineer and materialize solutions to the challenges you encounter, so gather and use your resources wisely.


Could this planet become the new cradle of human civilization? As you explore, you encounter perilous terrain, unpredictable weather, and local fauna that is weary of your presence. Careful study of the ecosystem inspires your approach to navigating this world. Your footprint will not go unnoticed, as the planet does not take kindly to invasive resource gathering or oppressive building projects. Do the cryptic patterns emanating from the once dormant alien ruins help or hinder your expedition?