Introducing… The Signal

August 17, 2023 – Hello! Welcome to the inaugural post on our new website. Goose Byte has been a studio for many months now (it was founded September 2021) and during that time we were focused primarily on building a rad studio and making an even more rad game. We weren’t concerned with what folks knew about us, and certainly didn’t want anyone to know about the top secret project we were working on at that early stage. We took an ostrich-like approach and kept our heads firmly in the developmental sand. 

But then everything CHANGED. The games industry is so unpredictable. Our studio was caught in a current of shifting economic tides of large corporations. We risked being washed ashore and left stranded in the mud. It was very unpleasant. For a minute there Goose Byte’s goose was cooked. 

Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we found an extra life. Kind of. We at least found a way to carry on and finish what we started. Goose Byte emerged as a completely independent studio, and the shakeup (or shakedown?) gave us a new perspective: we re-evaluated how we wanted to approach things. We’re still focused on making a rad game, and when looking at our development cycle we realised that it was time to lift the lid on what we’d been cooking up.

We’re making an ambitious game that pushes the survival-craft genre forward, and we want to involve this community as much as possible. We’ve EMBRACED this opportunity as a key moment, and are using it to create a space for potential fans to engage with our team. Next year we’ll begin playtesting our builds and gathering feedback from players like you.

And, of course we just want everyone to like us! We’re nice, we promise. So if you’re here you’ve probably heard the news about The Signal – Goose Byte’s first OG IP coming soon to PC and consoles. We hope you like it, and that you’ll come along with us on this game-making journey.

So what’s this game all about, you ask? The Signal is an open-world survival crafting game. You play as an explorer, who recently landed on an uncharted alien planet in search of a new home for what is left of humankind. You are a climate refugee, having left an uninhabitable, destroyed, and scorched Earth behind. You scan and gather resources, learning about the plants, animals and geological formations along the way. You build things to help you survive. But taking things from this planet, you quickly learn, comes with mysterious consequences. You also explore abandoned alien structures that seem to be holding a message of their own…

You can wishlist The Signal now, and if you have any questions and are interested in extremely early playtests or want to get involved, then we invite you to join our Discord straight away. Thanks for reading!