Goose Byte is meant to be a bold breath of fresh air for developers in a city that is simply burgeoning with game development talent.

Who We Are

If you'd like to join us, it's important that you know who we are and who we're not.
We believe that great games come from great teams, and that great teams arise when particular attention is placed on building a unique culture befitting the individuals of the team.
We have big ambitions, so we're cultivating an inclusive, high performance, talent dense team. Collaboration is key, so we won't be tolerating talented jerks. High integrity is important and we'd like to nurture an environment built around the concepts of freedom, inclusivity, respect, sustainability, and trust.

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Player First Mindset

We're making games for our players. People have a million ways to spend their time, and if they choose to engage in our game, we need to respect their time and be grateful for it. No one on the team should ever be worried about impressing a boss; the community and players are what matters most.

We want to build a studio that encompasses all of the things we’ve learned along the way in our careers, as well as all of the things we wished for but never were able to have.


Action and Results Oriented

Actions speak louder than words. Seeing something new in the build is infinitely more useful than talking about it. We're intolerant of needless bureaucracy, and we'd rather be fast and experimental than slow and perfect.

Ensuring developers have the best possible work environment is key. This allows us to focus time on the topics that matter most to players.


Autonomous and Collaborative

We’re self-starters & auto-didacts. We look for people who are naturally curious, always learning and intrinsically motivated. We prefer a blunt approach to feedback. It should always be positive and developmental, placing an emphasis on clear, constructive communication. We aim to foster a group dynamic where individuals learn to trust one another and speak freely.

Lazer Focus

We don’t have to be the best at everything, just the few things that matter. We focus relentlessly on those things and allocate resources the same way.
Trying to build everything yourself is a major trap, we are happy using an existing solution when it isn’t differentiated.

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Wanna be a part of this?

Jump across to our careers page and take a look at the open positions. If nothing jumps out at you right now, go ahead and connect with us.